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Faro, a manufacturer of lamps that finally dedicated to roof ventilation.

Faro was a luminaire manufacturer for many years. Then he started producing fans, first in Spain, then in France and the rest of Europe.

Today, the range of ceiling fans Faro, is one of the largest in Europe, with over a hundred different products. Faro few years became a major player for roof ventilation products.

FARO's strong point is the design. In fact, Faro, like any good manufacturer of lighting fixtures, has a creative design workshop and therefore can develop and transform models at your convenience.

Certain products are own creations of the brand, others are modifications of existing products, but in general the changes make the original product takes a blow!

In our opinion, what it is Faro can improve their supply in Southeast Asia.
The product quality is pretty good, is above Westinghouse, but well below Casafan, and the price differences are not so important.
Make no mistake, FARO remains a quality manufacturer, is only more original, which cost him dearly.
Consider a new ceiling fan model design can cost up to $ 200,000. The cost of manufacturing molds and metal tools or blades series, this should be a part of the price, since return on their investment.

Few manufacturers of these innovative markets, FARO is part of the explorers of this small world of ceiling fans.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 167 items