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In 1886 John Hunter and his son, arriving from Ireland, invented the world's first water-based ceiling fan. A few years later, the company acquired a serious reputation as a quality manufacturer and some of these fans are still in operation even now. Already at this time Hunter begins to export its production to India, China Africa etc.

So begins the story of this legendary brand that has existed on the market for over a century.

One of the key elements for Hunter in the creation of ceiling fans is the motor, that creats the movement of the blades.

Although engines are fundamental elemnts for this type of ventilation, many producers lower their quality to save production costs.

However, Hunter uses powerful, high quality motors, designed exclusively for each fan in the range, which is why Hunter can guarantee its ceiling fan for life.

All components of the engine, coil, cushions, bearings etc. are of exceptional quality. The cast steel housing is designed to facilitate the dispersion of the heat emitted by the fan motor, the weight of the fan also reduces the risk of swaying.

On the other hand, the engines are oversized which increases the angle of attack of the blades at 15 °, and therefore increase the air pressure of the fan, while remaining silent.

Finally, the permanent immersion lubrication protects the motor elements which are removable, protecting them to the maximum and thus contributing to prolong the life of the motor elements.

In short, a set of details that make Hunter one of the best manufacturers in the world

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Showing 1 - 24 of 77 items