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Modulo KlassFan - Super destratification fan, chrom and black, ideal for 40 to 60 m² KL_DC3_P1Bk

Modulo KlassFan - Super destratification fan, chrom and black, ideal for 40 to 60 m² KL_DC3_P1Bk

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KL_DC3_P1Bk combination

Super air destratification fan, version without light, with graphite blades, a hyper silence DC motor chrom, and a remote control



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Modulo KlassFan - Super destratification fan, chrom and black, ideal for 40 to 60 m² KL_DC3_P1Bk


KL_DC3_P1Bk combination

Modulo is a Super air destratification fan. Indeed, this destratificator is of great power yet it maintains an optimal comfort of use. Here is why Modulo is one of the best, if not The best, destratification fans nowadays.

  1. The power:

The air flow of this version is 9480 M3 / h. The airflor of another destratificator with a size of 132 Cm is 6000 m3 / h. So Modulo is 30% more powerful.

  1. The Noise Nuisance:

In the first 3 speeds, Modulo is simply inaudible, from the 3rd speed onwards, the power of the blades is at its maximum and you can hear slightly how they move the air.

  1. The Consumption:

The consumption of this version is 5.1 Watts in V1, and 25.8 in V6, same like your phone charger, so nothing exceptional

4) The stability of the set:

Modulo accepts an additional extension with a down rod up to 1.80 m length. This means that the head of the fan is brought down by 2 m. It takes an exceptional quality of the set to make this possible. The rest of the producers don´t produce rods longer than 60 cm or 120 cm.

5) A unique remote control:

The remote control is an important component of a destratification fan. It is provided with an inverter but also with an automatic thermostat program to control the rotation of the destratificator. The thermostat is placed at the foot of the fan, to capture the temperature at the highest point of the room.

When the function is activated, here is how the destratificattion fan reacts

  • Less than 19 °= speed 0 no operation.

  • From 19 to 23 ° = speed 1

  • From 24 to 26 ° = speed 3

  • 26 and beyond = speed 6

Wenn die Temperatur sinkt, sinkt auch die Geschwindigkeit:

This function is very useful if you have a weekly heating program for example. In this case, you avoid the unequal temperature distribution in the room.

Last but not least, Modulo has an important advantage: being a compound product, it can be easily upgraded by adding light or different down rod, or even changed by choosing a blades with a different color for instance as all these items are available in the shop.

This version is with a body in basalt grey and rounded, curved blades in white soften the look of the whole set.

Technical characteristics

Room size: Destratification mode - 70 to 90 m²; ventilation mode - 25 - 40 m2

Lighting system: Without but the systems L1 L2 L3 L4 of the modulo are adaptable in option

Control: Radio frequency remote control with timer, inverter

Reversible system: Yes from the remote control
Number of Speeds: 6 - from 3060 to 9420 m3 / h in 3 blades version.
Power Consumption (Watts): 5.2 Watts to 26.6 Watts
Finish: 3 black ABS blades.
Engine Finish: Chrom with 2 rods, one of 12.5 Cm and the other of 25 Cm. (the 60 cm version on the image is an option)
Can be installed on a sloped ceiling at 25 °: yes.
Memory: Yes
Timer: from 1 to 8 hours.
Diameter: 106 cm
Weight: 7 Kg, Gross 9 Kg
Standards: THUV-GS-CE-RHOS
Warranty: 10 years for the engine


Characteristics :
Color: White and black

Possible options:

- Blades P1- P3- P4

- Light Kit: L1 L2 L3 L4

- Extenders 60, 120, 180 Cm

- Remote control: TelTemp


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