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Large volume air cooler, designed for Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants, UV lamp

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Large volume air cooler, designed for Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants, UV lamp

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An ultra-efficient air freshener, extra silent!
Model: Rafy 150

The Rafy 150 is an air freshener for large rooms, working with two turbines, one very silent the other hyper powerful ..



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Large volume air cooler, designed for Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants, UV lamp


An ultra-efficient air freshener, extra silent!
Model: Rafy 100

With the Rafy 100 – a domestic air freshener of another level!

Rafy 100 is a powerful air freshener, it is a very good alternative to air conditioners with some advantages, and some disadvantages, let's see what they are ..

The effect produced by the Rafy is relaxing and refreshing, it is similar to a sea breeze, due to the fact that it refreshes the air through evaporation.

The Rafy working method is adiabatic. Adiabatic is the effect caused by the evaporation of water under the effect of heat.

Here, the method of operation is to pass the air which will be expelled by the turbine through a permanently moistened filter. This filter is wetted by a pump that raises the water from the tank.

The advantage of this technique is twofold: it lowers the temperature of the air, but also it filters out particles of air, pollen, dust, and other air contaminants.

In addition, Purline added an Ionizer to rebalance the air in positive Ion.

This is a product that consumes 130 watts, and that can lower the temperature of large to average rooms of 2 ° to 5 °, therefore it is one of the most economic devices on the market. The coolers are ultra quiet because they do not have compressors.

With this cooler, you will not have to open a window to evacuate hot air, however, you may have to open it if the humidity level rises too much.

Another advantage is that an air freshener moistens the air, unlike an air conditioner. As a result, air fresheners are particularly recommended for sensitive people, elderly people or young children, and anyone whose mucous membranes dry out quickly under the effect of air conditioning.

The Rafy 100 is composed of two turbines: one allows access to the first 3 speeds, and frankly, it will be necessary to concentrate to hear it working, that is to say that it is ultra silent.
On the other hand, by accessing the higher speeds, silence is not the main argument, because these speeds are very powerful, imagine that a conventional cooler has an average air flow of 500 to 600 m3 / h, here you reach an air flow rate of 1800 M3 / h !! It's 3 times more power than a conventional air freshener.

Considering the power, it required a tank of water, PURLINE opted for a tank of 15 liters!

Because, when you have a large tank you have to plan to empty it to avoid stagnant water, so the RAFY 100 is equipped with a drainage to empty this tank.

That means 15 liters of water, called high weight, Purline has two big wheels on the back of the cooler, and two small ones for exceptional maneuverability, with the tank full.

Finally, the Rafy 100 reservoir is removable, making it easier to refill.

On the other hand, air fresheners become inoperative on humid climates, this product is therefore not suitable for the West coast of France because its effectiveness will be very limited due to the very humid climate.

The Rafy 100 is an air cooles with a high quality finish, it has all the imaginable functions, 6 powers, vertical and horizontal oscillation, programmed on/off function etc ..

Be careful, the Rafy will lower the temperature of 2 ° to 5 ° of large rooms + 40 m², not more, which is however not bad for 130 Watts.


Technical characteristics :

     Air cooler, humidifier, ionizer.
     0:30 to 24 h in stop programming
     Air Filter: Nylon
     Airflow 6 speeds 3 ultra quiet + 3 sustained rhythm.
     Horizontal and vertical oscillation function.
     Tank indicator empty.
     Remote control with all functions accessible.
     Ionizer function.
     The tank can receive ice cubes to improve the efficiency of the product delivered with 2 gel pack.
     Dimensions: 36 x 42 x 88 cm
     Net weight: 9.5 kg
     Number of gears: 6
     Control panel: LED
     Air flow rate: 1800 ml / h
     Power consumption: 130 W
     The capacity of the tank is 15 L
     Voltage: 220/230 V 50 Hz
     Color: Black / White
     Oscillation: 60 ° horizontal and vertical.
     Air Filter: Yes

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