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Giant 3 D from Vego - air cooler for very large areas, ideal for workshops, shops and others, for 65 m²

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A large areas air cooler, ideal for workshops, shops, small warehouses etc.
Model: Giant 3D the first air cooler with a 170 ° airflow!

The Giant 3D is a large area air cooler a watch all for 65 m ².

Delivery expected from 2018-04-30

A large areas air cooler, ideal for workshops, shops, small warehouses etc.
Model: Giant 3D the first air cooler with a 170 ° airflow!

The Giant 3D is not the typical air cooler because of its power, its adiabatic technology, and the fact that it can be used in closed areas or everywhere where installing an air conditioner does not make sense.
Giant 3D is one of the most powerful air coolers on the market, but waht makes it really special is the 3D system allowing it to flow the air at 170 °. The air blows from three sides – central and on the both sides, so you do not have to wait until the swing function brings the air flow to you every 30 seconds, on this product you have an impressive airflow width.

In addition, the Giant 3D is equipped with mechanized fins, which you can control from your remote control or from the control panel.

The effect produced by Giant 3D is relaxing and refreshing, similar to a sea breeze, due to the fact that it refreshes the air by evaporation.

The principle of Giant 3D is adiabatic. Adiabatic is the effect caused by the evaporation of water under the effect of heat.
The advantage of this technique is double, it lowers the temperature of the air, but also it filters out particles of air, pollen, dust, and other contaminants from the air.

This is a product that consumes 325 watts, and that can lower the temperature of very large areas
from 2 ° to 5 °, which is one of the most economic devices on the market. Besides, the coolers are ultra quiet

because they do not have compressors.

Another advantage of the air cooler is that it humidifies the air unlike the air conditioners that actually dry it out. That is why, the air coolers are particularly recommended for fragile materials, musical instruments, violin pianos.

However, air coolers are not appropriate for humid climate because their effectiveness will be decreased.

Giant 3D is a powerful
air cooler, it has all imaginable functions, 7 powers, controlled oscillation, programmable turning off, wheels for easy transport, and especially, given the size of the tank of 85 Liters, it has an impressive autonomy.

Let's list the main arguments here:

- Airflow felt at 18 meters!

- 3D airflow at 170 °

- Can work with an inverter! Ideal for mobile homes and other camping cars!

- Lift pump protection empty tank and audible alarm in case of empty water tank.

- Mechanical oscillation controlled by remote control.

- Mode "silence" given the power the first 3 speeds are clearly very low in nuisance.

- Can be used indoors and outdoors.

- Backlit LCD display can be disengaged.


Technical characteristics :

     0:30 to 7:30 timer
     Air filter: Cellulose cardboard on both sides + back.
     7-speed airflow 3 + 4 alternative rhythm.
     Motorized oscillation function controlled by remote control
Empty tank indicator, with alarm
     Protection of the lifting pump in case of empty tank.
     Mosquito and dust filter
     Remote control with all functions accessible.
     Dimensions: 61 x 52 x 97.5
     Net weight: 17.5 kg
     Number of speeds: 7
     Control panel: backlit, disengageable
     Air flow rate: 3500 ml / h
     Power Consumption: 325 W
     The capacity of the tank is 85 L
     Voltage: 220/230 V 50 Hz
     Color: White / Black
     Swing: 170 °
     Air Filter: Yes
     Works with an inverter ideal for mobile homes or camping cars.

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