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Purline by Klassfan, Hegoa a Modern ceiling fan design blade 132 cm solid wood, aged copper engine

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Purline By Klassfan
Ceiling fan design 132 cm engine copper aged blades wood varnish by hand.
Model: "HEGOA"

Hegoa is a ceiling fan with a modern design, ideal for refreshing rooms of 20 to 35 m², elegant, discreet, it has a wall control and the reversible option, a silent fan.

Delivery expected from 2018-04-27

Purline By Klassfan
Ceiling fan design 132 cm engine copper aged blades wood varnish by hand.
Model: "HEGOA"

Hegoa is the name of a mountain wind blowing in the Basque country, the designers of this ceiling fan wanted to give it this names, because like the wind and its region, this fan uses noble materials, it is powerful, it Is very discreet and distinguished.

Undoubtedly this ceiling fan is a UFO in the world of ceiling ventilation, Hegoa breaks the codes, all its competitors use lamellate-glued wood to implement the blades, or motors of type DC , Remote controls ect ..

Here Hegoa thinks of all who live in areas where the current delivered by the electric operators are not stable and could damage the drivers of the DC fans.

Hegoa is an AC fan, high power, its blades are solid wood, and require an engine to the height of the weight of these.

Hegoa consumes at first speed 28 Watts and in maximum speed 80 watts, it is the price to pay to "push" the superb blades of this fan. That said, you have to keep it all, compare it to a standing fan, it's double, but for cover perimeter multiplied by 5!

Hega, is not just an exercise in style, it's also an efficient and quiet ceiling fan. Its 100% copper motor, which is no longer a case of 80% of the fans, allows it to operate without temperature rise and therefore without expansion and deformation, this allows the assembly to avoid friction and thus, Not to generate parasitic noises.
It is clear, this engine is inaudible in the first two speeds, in third gear it is the edge of the blades that you will hardly hear.
Moreover, the fact that the fan is made of copper, gives it a much greater tolerance to higher voltage and therefore a very long life.

Klassfan and Purline opted for a fan control type wall control box, but why did they want to ship this product with this order?

In fact, since this type of fan is very often DC fans, it is therefore impossible to install a wall control box on these DC fans. If you have to control several DC fans with a control it is also impossible.

These exclusions of order, with the Hegoa, are not current, with the Hegoa, you will be able to control 4 ventilators with a limp for example. In the same way, if you need to adapt a remote control, you can do it. Heoga is therefore much less restrictive than a DC fan it will adapt much more easily to your configurations.

Finally, question installation the original total height of this fan is 46 Cm you can make it to 23 Cm if you wish.

To conclude, the Hegoa is a ceiling fan of the "indestructible" type powerful and racy, a fan that smells wood!


Technical characteristics :

Range area: 17 - 35 m2
Lighting system: no
Control: Wall control box - optional remote control.
Reversible system.
Number of Speed: 3
Finish: 3 blades solid wood varnished by hand body and aged copper base.
Installation possible on ceiling sloping at 30 °: YES
Diameter: 132 cm
Total height: 46 cm, you can reduce the foot up to 20 Cm.
Weight: 11.5 Kg
Standards: THUV-GS-CE-RHOS
Warranty: 15 years for the engine

Super silentYes
minimum power consumption:From 21 Watts to 30 Watts
variable number of bladesNo
Maximum fan blades3 blades
Color of the bladeswalnut
reversible optionNo
Remote control included or optionalYes
Adaptable wall control box ?Yes
Installation on sloping ceiling?Yes
Available down rodsNo
Manufacturer Warranty15 years
Optional Light Kit available?No
Distance Blades/Ceiling in cm50 Cm
Fan blades of different color?No

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